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Home Wireless Tutorials Wireless Overview
What is Wireless Technology?
Anybody who has ever used a cordless phone or a wireless keyboard or mouse knows the convenience of wireless devices. Apart from the obvious advantage of them not being tethered to the wall, thereby minimising the nest of wires that clutters your home or office, wireless technologies provide a freedom of movement that makes everything so much easier.
It is this freedom and flexibility that is drviing a wireless revolution in home and business life. While cordless phones, keyboards and mice have been for a decade, the new wave of wireless products is making a more profound impact.

Until now wireless devices such as keyboards or mice have operated at a frequency of 27MHz and had an effective range of about 10 metres, which while providing freedom of movement, still effectively keeps the suer close to their desk. But that has changed thanks to a host of new and sometimes interrelated wireless standards such as Bluetooth, 802.11 (WiFi) and 3G. All three are becoming commonplace core components of mobile computers, but individually are making an impact on a wide range of devices from mobile phones and digital cameras to PDAs.

As a result the road warrior who has previously relied on phyical phone connections or tortuously slow dial-up links can now wirelessly connect to the Internet or their office and transfer or synchronise data at the same speeds they can at their desk.

It is now becoming dificult to find laptops or mobile devices that don't come equipped with wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi and several vendors are now shipping with embedded 3G capabilities as well.


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