Home McDonald's FREE WiFi FREE WiFi Preview
Home McDonald's FREE WiFi FREE WiFi Preview
FREE WiFi User Experience

For those of you not near one of the live FREE WiFi stores and want to get a sneak preview of how the Free WiFi solution looks check out the following screen shots.

McDonald's have a heap of leaflets in the store that give you some basic instructions on how to connect to the wireless network.

free-wifi-flyer-pg1 free-wifi-flyer-pg2 free-wifi-flyer-pg3

free-wifi-flyer-pg4 free-wifi-flyer-pg5 free-wifi-flyer-pg6

Right Click & View Image to see detail in FireFox
Right Click & Open Image in New Window to see detail in Safari

But to cut a long story short:

Fire up your wireless interface on your Laptop or mobile device

You should see the wireless network name or SSID of "McDonald's FREE WiFi"



Once connected you should receive an IP address via DHCP and then be able to simply open your web browser and be redirected to the Free WiFi splash page shown below.




Notice above that you have to check the I agree checkbox before the "Click to Log In" button is activated.



Once you check the "I agree" and "Click to Log In" you will be redirected to the following status page where you can click on the funky spinning logo or link to continue to your home page.




Notice also the Session Details section where the time you have been connected and your remaining download limit (50Mb) is displayed. You can also logout of the session from here as well and the following confirmation screen.




Certainly looks like their marketing team are having fun with this new platform for branding!